Something is burning for Parkway South

Dan Holst, a loose swinging left handed leadoff hitter is a prospect the State of Texas should be burning over. Headed to Texas A & M Holst looks like he has the tools that could help him fit in SEC baseball. Batting .516 on the season Holst hits for contact to all fields. Keeping his hands inside his body enables him to get out quickly on the inside pitch and wait on the outside fastball long enough to poke it into Left.

Holst posts a career .461 batting average at Parkway South with a season high of .488. I see Holst easily out-doing that number this season as he looks to be at his own level at the plate. Seeing more than just fastballs in the leadoff spot can be uncommon, but Holst seems to hit whatever is thrown his way. This past weekend again Alton High School Holst reached base his first two times with small pokes to Left field and Right field.

A high average player must have skill around the base path, otherwise the base hits only go so far. Holst has a mind on the base path above the normal High School athlete. Roaming further than normal for a lead off on a base Holst tries to gain an advantage on the pitcher every chance he can get.

Holst defense is well above par as he plays straight away in the outfield ranging from Left to Right center depending on the hitter. Holst has exceptional speed coming in on a ball making it possible for him to play deeper than the normal CF might play.

Of the 5 tools Holst can bring to the table his throwing arm might be the least sexy of them all. Holst has a strong arm for a Centerfielder, but at times can be an average arm at best. Holst will keep the ball on a line and low to the ground making it easy for the cut off man to catch.

Dan Holst plays for the St. Louis Prospects during his summer league ball and could easily carry the Patriots of Parkway South to a State Championship appearance this year.


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