A diamond in the rough for a High School Redbird.

Brent Gibbs, only a junior in high school already is having glimpses of a top prospect in the making. A verbal commit to Indiana University, Gibbs is well on his way to making a statement in the baseball world, let alone the Big 10 Conference.

Gibbs fills out the four hole will size and power for the Alton Redbirds. Gibbs has a body that can still put on 10 to 20 pounds, but has the making for a perfect power bat down the road.

Mistakes are what Gibbs lives upon. Any mistake thrown his way at the plate he smashes. Gibbs will pull the ball more times than not. The more At Bats Gibbs sees and the more work he can put into going to Right Field, his bat will become his best tool.

Defense and Plus Plus throwing is a category Gibbs already has succeeded in. As a Jr. in High School Gibbs already has the movements of a college catcher behind the plate. Waiting till the pitch is thrown to move into his position is a skill that is normally unheard of at the high school level.

Gibbs throwing arm is a cannon. The type of arm that makes scouts and coaches alike salivate as Gibbs throws across the diamond. Gibbs’ arm is a D-1 prospect arm without a doubt as he can gun down runners that are more than half way to second base.

Base running for the backstop seems to stay around the average mark as Gibbs speed is not in high demand nor in high supply.

Gibbs is a prospect in the making and someone to keep an eye on as he finishes out his junior year and moves into his senior year. A prospect this young could see more time behind the plate not only at the D-1 level, but further.


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