Softly does it for Braxton Martinez

Braxton Martinez headed to play for St. Louis University next fall has some of the softest hands an infield has ever seen. A versatile player on the infield, Braxton will range any where from first base, to third base, to shortstop.

Martinez plates third in the lineup for Francis Howell North and could be one of St. Louis’s most pure hitters. Martinez at the plate keeps his hands low towards the inner part of the plate allowing for him to get his hands through the ball quickly and with power.

Batting over 500 this year in his senior season Martinez is already an advanced hitter who will hit a pitch no matter where the pitcher places the ball over the plate. Power to all fields, but most importantly Martinez can take a ball to Right Field which is a talent that is often hard to find on the high school level.

Martinez on the base path appears to be a slow runner and one that would not cause any issues if he reaches first. Martinez will bring a sneaky style base running as he has a baseball sense of where to pick his battles when stealing a bag.

Fielding is a category Martinez will softly field any ball hit his way. Hands that will vacuum up any baseball no matter the position. Martinez has shared time at all 3 of his main positions this season for Howell North, but should see the possibility of being a first basemen down the stretch if he can bulk up his frame more.

Throwing across the diamond with consistency and directness is a good way to put Martinez arm. Not a plus arm yet for the young man, but certainly with age and growth his arm can turn into another strong tool to add to Martinez report.

Baseball sense is one of the main areas that I see Martinez as possibly the best prospect in the 2012 class this year for the St. Louis Area. Martinez has a sense for the game on both defense and offense that takes him to another level. Martinez can control a game on both ends, but he will do it with a softness and under the radar type of style.

This kid is ready for D1 baseball, but over time I expect MLB scouts to take a look as well as this kid has the makings a great player.


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