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Florida Gators have a prize piece at Short

Stepping away from the St. Louis Area baseball for a minute and enter a level of baseball, that some have often hinted to be on the level of a Double AA minor league baseball level. The South Eastern Conference is loaded with baseball talent and often produces many top 10 picks in the draft.

Nolan Fontana is a guy who shouldn’t be passed on in the first or sandwich round of this years draft.

Fontana won’t amaze you with his pop at the plate, or his speed on the base path, but what he will do is get on base all the time, and force long at bats. Through 55 games on the season Fontana has 40 walks. Almost an average of a walk a game to have an on base percentage of .401.

Leading the Florida Gators in runs scored with 47 on the season, to go along with 57 hits, Fontana is exactly what a team might need at Short or Second base.

Fontana has started for Florida for the past 3 seasons and has faced the criticism from the outside gator baseball world that he is not good enough to play everyday and bat leadoff. Certainly quietly going about his game Fontana has been a solid pillar atop the Gators lineup.

Fielding seems to come as a tie for first with Fontana’s skills at the plate as this 2B/SS has a fielding percentage on the season of .983, with only 4 errors through 55 games. He would be on pace to have 11 in a season on the Major League level.

Fontana has started 55 games straight for the Gators at Short this year and looks to continue to add to his resume as the Gators try and make it back to Omaha.

Fontana is a player I think should be a first round pick, not a top 10 selection but definitely in the top 32. A sandwich round pick up of Fontana would be a steal for who ever gets him. This kid will play in the big leagues someday as I see him being fit for 2 minor league seasons to fine tune all 5 tools and then expect there to be another Gator playing in the Majors.