The new cornhusker in town is Colten Howell

Colton Howell, is a loaded baseball talent heading to play baseball in the Big 10 next season. This kid is a great ball player who already has pieces to play at the D-1 level and past that point. Currently an infielder at Fort Zumwalt West High School located in O’Fallon Missouri. Howell is a player that is just now starting to touch the brightness of his baseball career.

Howell is a SS that has the talent to play any infield position including pitching from time to time. Howell batting just below 500 in his senior season this year is well ready to see baseball at the next level as his talent is quickly raising above that of a high school senior.

Howell at the plate will be quick to adjust to the off speed while remaining locked onto fastballs. Howell is one of the most complete hitters I have seen this season. Quick hands and a simple swing are easily two parts of a recipe that can create lots of hits for the batter, and Howell has both of them.

Supreme Confidence is a part of this game a hitter must have to hit well at the plate. Howell has an approach at the plate of expecting to hit a solid line drive to any part of the field no matter the situation. Howell has the ability to easily sit back on a curve ball even when he is unexpected of the approaching pitch.

Howell on the base path keeps a keen sense about him as he is constantly searching to see what the pitcher is doing and where he can gain a step or two. Howell does not have a great amount of speed for the SS, but he makes up for with his sense for the game on the base path.

In the field Howell keeps the ball in front with foot work that is well developed. Years of playing the game and good coaching create good foot work for a young player, but it is how the young player uses that knowledge that makes him a great player. Howell sets himself up before the ball gets to him to enable a strong and quick throw across the diamond.

Howell will also from time to time make his appearance on the mound, but this may not be where Howell makes his home as he steps into his college career. Howell throws a heavy fastball that brings late snap on it. Sitting mid to upper 80’s Howell will pump fastballs into the zone with an occasional off speed curve ball. Moving into college Howell will need to develop his off speed pitches more to be more effective against D-1 Hitters.

You don’t expect power out of your Short Stop but Colton Howell with some added weight could easily be that power in the Short Stop department. Plays similar to Troy Tulowitzki, Colton Howell could easily get to that level if he keeps his mind on the game and continues to grow in the game.


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  1. Keep working ,splendid job!

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