A future product growing at Francis Howell Central

Josh Wade is a guy who lives under the radar. Playing behind the shadow of Howell Central’s stud catcher Jake Henson, Wade has improved to be a versatile ball player.

The saying in baseball you are only as good as you are up the middle applies perfectly to Wade’s game. Wade plays Centerfield normally for Howell Central, but is also the backup catcher and is far from a drop off at the backstop position.

Playing CF Wade has good range from side to side as he uses quick speed to help him gain a jump on line drives. Going back on baseballs will be one area of Wade’s game that will needed to be improved as he steps into the next level.

Catching, Wade will bring soft hands behind the plate that makes it seem like he has a vacuum for a glove. Quick pop and throw time to second base is one of the prettiest parts of Wade’s catching game. Wade keeps runners close as he will throw to any base no matter the pitch.

At the plate Wade is a big game hitter. Struggles at times against slow and bad pitching with his hands getting out in front of his body. Wade is one of the best leadoff hitters in the St. Louis area with his ability to work counts and get on base via the walk.

14 walks on the season in 93 plate appearances to go along with batting .400 Wade can easily remain batting in the leadoff spot as he enters college. Seldumly will you see Wade swing at the first pitch in an at bat as he continues to look to make counts go deep.

Speed on the base path is in small supply with Wade, but the ceiling is very high for what it could be. Wade only 2 stolen bases on the season, which comes as a surprise on paper, but with the bats behind Wade in the lineup he doesn’t need to steal many bases to score.

Wade is constantly reading pitchers at first base making slight edges toward the next base to see how far he can take it. Base runners don’t always need to steal bases to be a good base runner. Causing a distraction and taking a pitcher’s mind off the batter is something Wade can do exceptionally well on base.

Wade is heading to a small college in Illinois, where he can develop and become a player that will need attention come three years from now.


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