Matheny brings an unteachable approach to the game

Tate Matheny is a do it all type of player that brings a barrel full of baseball ability. Hitting .600 in his senior season Matheny has made high school baseball look easy thus far.

Defense is one of Matheny’s most prolific and developed areas in his game. Playing CF for Westminster High School Matheny keeps the outfield quiet from any extra base hits. Matheny plays very shallow for a CF, similar to Jim Edmonds. Matheny will often set up 30 feet behind second base that takes away alot of line drive base hits.

Matheny’s speed in the outfield allows him to play shallow as tracking a baseball Matheny brings a sense of talent that is hard to be taught at any level. Matheny on the base path will stretch an infield single into a double without any trouble. Using his 6 foot frame and long legs Matheny will be a power threat near the top of any teams lineup.

Throwing capabilities for Matheny are in good supply, with an arm of plus material. Controlling this high powered Center Field arm will be an area Matheny can develop entering his college days.

Matheny has 9 homeruns so far this season, but power isn’t the name of Matheny’s game. Hitting to all fields is an area Matheny has learned exceptionally well. Matheny’s eye at the plate helps his hitting game, as he can wait on his pitch better than most kids in the game today.

Knowledge of the game of baseball is often an area of the game that is hard to be taught, especially at a young age. Matheny watches the game and soaks up all the information he can at any level. Knowing when to steal home plate, or to throw behind the runner in a pressure situation are things Matheny already shows he is a well schooled player.

Tate Matheny is headed to Missouri State, but easily could be a kid drafted out of high school. I see Matheny remaining an outfield player for a long time to come.


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