Draft Ready!

June 4th 2012, could possibly be the longest day for some high school baseball players in the St. Louis Area. Monday being the start of the 2012 MLB draft, players will be holding their phones as if their life depended on it.

Looking at the St. Louis Area this year, there was a plethora of baseball talent, but which talent can we expect to see have their names called in this year’s draft? Each level of the draft will be broken into by Tiers depending on the Talent level of the player.

Tier 1: (Rounds 1-5)

Tate Matheny: (Westminster, CF, headed to Mo State) Tate had a stat line that most little league players can’t match. Batting .610 with an OPS of 1.965. 11 Homeruns and 51 RBI’s to go along with 60 runs scored, Tate should expect his name to be called early in the Draft. ( My pick: 3rd Rd)

Tier 2: (Rounds 6-10)

Dan Holst: (Parkway South, CF, headed to Texas A & M) Holst is not a real power statement in Centerfield, but is a kid who will bat for a high average on any level. Batting well over 400 this past season, Holst put himself in contention to hear his name called in the top 10 rounds. ( My Pick: 9th Rd)

Peter Fairbanks: (Webster Groves, 1B, headed to Mizzou) Fairbanks has been in draft conversation for most of this season, most notably with the Texas Rangers. The amount of attention Fairbanks received this year and his .787 slug % could be the recipe for 18 year old to be an earlier draft pick. (My pick: 10th Rd)

Tier 3 (Rounds 11-15) 

Colten Howell: (Fort Zumwalt West, 3B/RP, headed to Nebraska) Howell will be a prospect in 3 years if he isn’t drafted this coming Monday. A RP who sits around the low 90’s and bats .483 while playing 3B. He has the makings of a player who could play for a long time. (My Pick: 13th Rd)

William Dupont: (Lafayette, SS, headed to Mississippi State) Dupont struggled this year batting .404 after he destroyed in his junior season batting .583. Dupont will be a nice piece if an MLB wants to take a chance on a prospect who will only continue to grow in baseball knowledge. (My Pick: 14th Rd)

Tier 4 (Rounds 16-20)

Gerrion Grim: (Fort Zumwalt South, SP, Headed to Mizzou) Grim was a workhorse this year for the Bulldogs putting up 72 IP with an era of 2.90. Grim could sneak into the top 20 rounds this year.  (My Pick: 18 Rd)

Possible Late Draft Picks (Rounds 21-End)

Sean Ulrich: (Marquette, SS, headed to Mizzou) batted .378 this season

Jake Walters: (Vianney, 2B/SS, headed to Austin Peay) Injured most of this season, could be a nice piece up the middle.

Jake Henson: (Francis Howell Cenral, C, headed to Slu) slumped most of the 2nd half of the season- SLU will be a good place for him to better his hitting skills.

Braxton Martinez: (Francis Howell North, 1B/3B, headed to Slu) batted just under 400 that stands near 6’4, will be a tough pass for MLB scouts with his height on the corners.

Aaron Bossi: (Vianney, DH, headed to Parkland College) Kid will force pitchers into deep counts, and hits will consistency to all fields.

Michael Bozarth: (Parkway North, CF, headed to Slu) one of the best all around athletes that played baseball in the St. Louis area this year. No power has really developed, but Bozarth is a talent that must be seen.


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