A workhorse playing for the Saints

Joshua Wagemann plays in the St. Louis Metro Collegiate Baseball league for the Saints. A workhorse could be a term used for Wagemann each and every time he takes the mound.

Wagemann is a 6’0, 175 right hander, who will eat innings for the Saints this season. Wagemann in 5 starts has an average of just under 7 and 2/3 innings per appearance. Wagemann’s total numbers on the season is 37.2 innings in 6 appearances 5 of them being starts. Wagemann’s one appearance out of the bullpen he threw 1 inning.

2 pitch pitcher is the completion of Wagemann’s resume with an occasional change up to keep batters off balance. Wagemann’s best pitch is his 12-6 curveball that he will throw in any count. Wagemann’s fastball will sit in the mid to low 80’s with his curveball sitting between a slow 67 to 71 mph.

Wagemann has an era of 2.97 and a Whip of 1.12 so far this season with 14 strikeouts. Wagemann doesn’t throw nearly at all like Mark Buehrle, but is similar in style. Innings eater with a low Whip to go along with a low amount of K’s.

Wagemann is a kid who deserves a look if he can continue to keep his WHIP low and his ability to go deep into games. If Wagemann can continue to develop a third pitch that is strong and effective he could project to be a 2 inning bullpen pitcher to back of a rotation at an upper level.


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