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Kaplan heading to South Beach

Lex Kaplan a bat that might be considered under the radar if such a term is possible for a player who is going to be playing at the University of Miami in the Fall of 2013. Kaplan this past season was a kid I did not get to see at all and did not hear much of him either.

Kaplan is a definite must see in his senior season of 2013. Batting .488 as a Junior this past season at Ladue High School put Kaplan on the radar for Hurricanes.

This summer Kaplan took a road that would not be the road of choice for most high school to be seniors. Kaplan chose to join the Bayside Yankees and travel the East coast playing as many top 18U baseball teams as the team can. Kaplan is already getting his fill of riding a bus to the next game.

Plate discipline is a piece of Kaplan’s game that can put him on the map for the next level. Kaplan this past spring had 95 plate appearances that saw him K a total of 12 times that co-insided with his 12 walks on the season.  This summer Kaplan followed it up with similar numbers with 20 K’s and 22 BB’s in 164 At bats.

A high batting average is a part of plate discipline that seems to go hand in hand. Kaplan batting .488 as a junior in high school has led the Bayside Yankees this summer with the most at bats, but has backed it up with a batting average of .354.

Kaplan’s 2 homeruns this summer is down from his 8 that he lifted this past spring, but with higher competition comes adjustments. Kaplan has still been on base putting the ball in play with 6 triples and 10 doubles this season.

Kaplan has the qualities of a young player who can see the next level with ease. Miami is going to need to keep this kid close as the MLB draft next June will be calling for his name as well.