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1 Guy the St. Louis Cardinals could look at in the rule 5 draft.

Ronny Rodriguez– now currently at the Double A level for the Cleveland Indians, known as the Akron Aeros. Rodriguez a guy who is playing for an organization stock piled with Short Stops. Heading into the Rule 5 draft in the next month Rodriguez could be a guy the Cardinals might take a chance on.

The Rule 5 draft was set up to help even out the playing field if you will in baseball. Each Major League baseball team has a 40 man roster that deems 40 players untouchable as far as waivers and claims are concerned. If a player is in an organization and is not on the 40 man roster, any team has the right to claim that player from his team during the Rule 5 Draft.

That being said, if a team does claim a player from another they must play at the level they are drafted at for an entire season. For example if a player is at the Triple AAA level and he is drafted in the Rule 5 Draft that player must play at the major league level the entire next year. However, if that player is sent down to Triple AAA the team that drafted him has to offer the player back to his original team.

Rodriguez who is listed to start this season for the Indians in their double AA organization could be a guy the Cardinals might take a shot at seeing their lack of depth at the Shortstop position. Rodriguez would cost the Cardinals of St. Louis 25,000 dollars if they choose to draft him and he would need to play the 2013 season at the Triple AAA level or higher.

Rodriguez was a player who last season showed some power at the High A level with 19 homers through 126 games. 205 total bases for the short stop as well last year, with 20 doubles and 4 triples to go along with the homeruns.

Rodriguez will need some grooming if drafted to eliminate his level of strikeouts. The young man only 20 years old could be a player that makes it to the next level if given the correct coaching and opportunity. Rodriguez had 88 k’s last season with only 20 walks.