Taking the Super 60 with exit speed!

Tanner Murphy would be a name that is starting to emerge as someone to keep an eye on this coming spring. Murphy is out of high school most have never even heard of in Missouri. Malden High School, which is located about 2 and 1/2 hours south of St. Louis. Murphy two weekends ago took over the Super 60 showcase that was located in Chicago.

Coming into the showcase ranked the 5th best player on PBR Missouri’s top senior rankings and he was ranked 65 overall in the country by PBR. After taking part in every drill imaginable at the showcase Murphy certainly raised his stock for MLB scouts and easily put some pressure on his ranking in Missouri to be bumped up.

Murphy had some of the best swings at the showcase showing above average power to all fields. Murphy allowed the ball to travel into the zone and used quick hands to generate bat speed and exit power to get the baseball to jump off his bat. Murphy showcased an exit velo of 97 off his bat.

Behind the plate is were Tanner Murphy can certainly make his home, with his big frame and elusive skills to block the baseball.  Murphy is a pitcher’s friend behind the plate with his wide body and low target to keep the baseball in the zone. Murphy had a pop time of 1.97 with an average velocity of 80 mph to 2nd.

One of Murhpy’s best attributes behind the plate would be his quick throw to first. He uses hardly any movement before the ball is even in his glove to throw to first, giving the runner almost no signs of the baseball coming behind him.

Murphy will get some attention on the mound with his 91 mph fastball and 78 mph curveball. Murphy with a few more pounds would attract similar figures to a Jason Motte of the St. Louis Cardinals on the bump. I believe Murphy with age and more pure mechanics could top out around 92 93 mph.

Murphy catching and his bat at the plate definitely puts himself into the draft conversation for June even before his senior year has started. Despite signing with Southern Illinois Carbondale, Murphy is a draft kid who I would expect to sign if his number is called.


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