Kent State might have caught themselves a Golden Flash in the Pan

Eric Lauer brings little to no effort when on the bump during a bullpen session or a live game. Lauer poses as one of, if not the best arm in the state of Ohio. Standing at 6’3 195 and headed to Kent State after his senior season.

Lauer pitches at a 3/4 arm slot from the left side bringing 88 to 92 mph velocity on his fastball that looks effortless. The look from Lauer as he throws creates a sense of the unknown as his pitches come in at an average of 90 mph, but can seem like 94, 95.

He controls his off-speed pitches just as well as his fastball. His curveball has excellent bite that he can throw in the strike zone for an early get me over strike, or he throw a curve at a batter’s knees that ends up in the dirt.

His change-up is still in the development stage, but if mastered Lauer can become absolutely lethal on the mound. All three pitches underneath him Lauer’s draft stock will continue to climb this coming June.

Lauer carries a comparison of a Jake Peavy from the left side or a Billy Wagner without the 100+ velocity.

Lauer’s polished mechanics are well above his class’s average mechanic ability.   Added weight and slight tweak in his mechanics I believe Lauer could easily sit 93, 94 on his fastball.

What might separate Lauer from the class of pitchers in 2013 is if he can continue to mold his ability on the mental side of the game when he is on the mound.

Currently Lauer grades out in my book as a 51 OFP, but probably would be better off going to college and playing for 2 to 3 years and then returning to draft. If taken this year, he could still reach the highest level if he keeps his mechanics polished and his fastball velocity stays up.


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