Heavy Right Hander to help keep the luck going for the Irish

Jake Godfrey– is a tall 6’3 205 pound right hander out of Illinois. Godfrey attends Providence Catholic High School where he let his presence be known early in a tough Chicago Catholic league last season going 6-1 off the bump. Godfrey only a sophomore last year with those numbers has already signed to play his college ball at the University of Notre Dame.

Entering his junior year I expect to see even better numbers for the young right hander whose fastball sits consistently between 86 to 89, that will at times top out at 91.

Godfrey is a rare high school starter that does not have a fear of going inside on batters. He will work the zone with his fastball that helps expand his strikezone as batters will have to be aware of Godfrey coming far inside.

High School batters and soon to be college batters will also need to keep an eye out for Godfrey’s hammer of a curveball. Godfrey has a curveball with excellent level and bite to it. Godfrey’s curveball can be thrown at a batter’s knees and will not break until almost at the point of the plate, making this pitch extremely deceptive and hard for hitters to pick up on.

Godfrey has well developed mechanics that enable his pitches to come off very heavy when they reach the plate. He has great extension with his lead leg and an arm angle almost near over the top for a righty.

As Godfrey continues to develop I can see him becoming a 3 or 4 starter down the road someday with potential to crack the top 2 in the rotation. He will certainly be a great arm for the Irish in coming years, but on a Major League level Godfrey in my opinion is a 48 OFP at this point.

Plenty of room for growth and potential to expand for the young Right hander who takes on similar comparisons to Joba Chamberlin.


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