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Mike Failoni settling in nicely at Lindenwood

Mike Failoni- is a Junior this season at Lindenwood University and currently is tearing apart the competition at the division II level. Batting .461 through 24 games played on the season. Failoni came to Lindenwood from Heartland Community College where some could say last year he was hidden behind the shadow of Dylan Johnson (.468 bat avg) who moved onto play at Illinois State.

Failoni last season hit .391 at Heartland Community College with 16 doubles and 6 homeruns. Failoni not only hit for power he had 35 walks and just 17 strikeouts on the season. Good enough for 2 walks per strikeout.

Failoni as a sophomore last year had an OPS of 1.161, which in most cases is a number that is irreplaceable in a lineup at any level. Failoni played 1B during his time at community college where he currently is playing for the Lindenwood Lions this season.

Failoni stands at 6’0 foot and 225 pounds and bats from the left side of the plate. He brings slightly open stance to his approach that does not inhibit him from loading to late on any occation. Mike Failoni will start with his hands higher than normal up by his head and eventually dropping his hands right before he brings the bat through the zone. He keeps everything in tight and makes sure his hands are the last part coming through the zone.

Failoni has developed this past fall into a solid hitter, as he was one who struggled slightly with off speed pitches in the past. Failoni now consistently keeps his hands back and even when he caught off guard with a pitch his hands still are left with enough time to foul a pitch off or drive it the opposite way.

Failoni this season at Lindenwood has an OPS of 1.239 so far on the season with 11 walks and 10 strikeouts.

Mike Failoni in the field might be the area that is still in the unknown. He plays first base, but I am not sure yet if I think he is a first baseman of the future. I am interested to see if he could get in good enough shape to possible move over to the hot corner. A strong arm and good size he could become a powerful third baseman that a team on the next level might take a chance on.

Failoni reminds me of a poor man’s Pablo Sandoval with decent power and a smart approach at the plate. I would say Failoni needs to stay at school next year and possibly work towards the 2014 draft with hopes of sneaking into the top 15 rounds.

I will continue to keep an eye on this Junior at Lindenwood to see how much more he improves in a year. I currently rate Failoni as a OFP of 47.