Michigan adds to their baseball wolf pack!

Hector Gutierrez- attends Detroit Western Michigan High School and has been making a name for himself ever since his freshman year. Gutierrez started on the bump as a freshman for Detroit’s city championship game. Ranked the 7th best prospect in the State of Michigan and headed to the University of Michigan this coming fall. Gutierrez has numbers that could show potential for him to hear his name called this coming June.

A SS and RHP are the two listed positions Gutierrez can play in the field, which is pretty much the normal report for any team’s best high school player. Gutierrez brings about a higher level of potential and play in the field that shows why he can play SS and will pitch at Michigan next fall.

Off the mound Gutierrez will sit consistently 88 to 91 mph with his fastball. His curve and changeup seem to go hand in hand around 78 to 81 mph. Gutierrez will use a high 3/4 arm slot that has a late whip action that allows his baseball to fly out of his hands.

Gutierrez as a Sophomore in high school had an era just under 4 in 28 and 2/3 innings pitched with 47 strikeouts. Hector then followed up his sophomore year with more control and a better idea of pitching as his era dipped down to 3.27 in 30 innings pitched with 40 strikeouts.

Gutierrez in the field is extremely gifted and uses soft hands to receive the baseball. Gutierrez throws 88 mph across the diamond with good accuracy and wide range at Short.

At the plate Gutierrez sees the ball jump off his bat. When he lets the ball travel into the zone he can place it almost any where he wants. Gutierrez has extremely quick hands at the plate that can sometimes hurt him rather than help as he will  jump out in front of a ball and lose some pop off his bat. This is something the senior is fixing as he enters his last high school season and prepares for the next level of baseball.

As a Junior last year Gutierrez his .481 with 31 RBI, 2 Hrs, and 18 walks in 100 PA. Gutierrez had an OBP last season of .570, a number that if he can continue at 75% rate for life he should continually find playing time for whatever teams takes him.

I can see Hector playing both SS and Pitching at Michigan, but I think to play pro ball he might need to stay on the mound. I grade him out on the mound as a 48 OFP and at the plate a 40 OFP.

I do like Gutierrez as a possible late round draft pick, but will that be enough to lure him from his full ride….I will check back on this after June’s draft!


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