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Brendan DePoy quietly having a great season at Columbia

Brendan DePoy- is quietly putting up rediculous numbers in his senior season at Columbia High School. Batting well over .500 so far this season DePoy is answering the bell to having a solid senior year. Headed to Rhodes College next fall DePoy is a player that could sneak some attention late, in June, but will definitely be one to watch after he gains some college seasoning.

DePoy stands at 6’1 215 lbs, playing the hot corner in high school he could easily stay there the rest of his career if he raises his across the diamond velocity (78mph). DePoy brings a very soft approach in the field and a powerful bat at the plate.

DePoy uses extremely soft hands at 3rd base that helps him vacuum up  ground balls that come his way. Seeing how soft he is at 3rd base I could see a possible transfer over to the first base bag in the future. Currently he is at least a lock to play high school baseball at 3rd, but in college he could switch to first and use his easy fielding skills to have save some tough throws in the dirt. Somewhat limited range at 3rd could also ask for a movement to first as DePoy gets older and the baseball comes faster.

DePoy at the plate is where he seems to quiet all of the critics. Batting .538 this season after batting .537 (51 hits in 95 at bats) in his Junior year. 16 doubles, three triples, three home runs, 34 RBI, 38 runs, .624 OBP and .863 slugging percentage was just another piece of his Junior season stat line. DePoy’s OPS last year was an outrageous 1.487.

This year things haven’t changed much, if anything they have changed for the better. Through 52 at bats this season DePoy has 28 hits, 11 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 homeruns. DePoy has an OPS of 1.579. DePoy has 21 rbi’s this season as he is filling his role as the senior leader on this Columbia High School team.

DePoy is able to obtain numbers so high due to his ability to keep a very short and tight swing at the plate. He can spray the ball with good pop to all fields. He will always be his best when he can take the ball the other way with power, similar to how Ryan Howard takes a ball to left. DePoy is certainly no Ryan Howard yet, but with more added muscle and a higher understanding of hitting I can see DePoy similar to a David Freese type hitter.

On the base path Depoy is not the quickest as speed will never be an added tool to bring to the table. Running a 5.12 40 yard dash in his most recent timing DePoy will need a high IQ on the base path to steal bases from upper level pitching.

DePoy is certainly one to keep an eye on for a late, late round pick, but I imagine him to go to college in hopes to improve his game and move his draft stock up considerably.

I currently grade DePoy as an OFP of 37, but I see that number going up with good college coaching.