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Keith Greishaber will steal his way to be a top prospect for 2014



Looking at the prospects of next year’s class Keith Greishaber has to be a name that is mentioned in the conversation. Greishaber is a 6’1 165 lb short stop playing for Marquette High School who is headed to play at the University of Arkansas in the fall of 2014 barring a high draft pick.

Greishaber at the plate has become one of the most calm and collective batters in the area. He has improved his eye at the plate and has a great sense of the strike zone. This past year he walked 12 times and only struck out 4. Greishaber finished the season batting well over .400 with 9 doubles, 2 homeruns, and 11 rbi’s.

Greishaber at the plate is very loose and easy. His elbow starts high until the pitch is on its way and he lowers in the loading position with quick hands to help drive the ball up the middle. He has a swing that is quick through the zone and a hand eye coordination that keeps his swing and miss rate at a minimum.

Greishaber makes his living on the base path. He has amazing speed and his sense on the base path is beyond advanced for his age. Greishaber had 16 stolen bases  this past season in 20 attempts. Greishaber consistently runs home to first in 4.0 to 4.2 time.

On the infield Greishaber is illusive and extremely quick. The junior’s speed helps increase his range on the infield. Across the diamond Greishaber has been clocked at 86mph velocity that can easily touch 90 mph as his body matures.

Greishaber could easily be a guy to watch for in next year’s draft. A strong senior season could push Greishaber inside the top 20 rounds. I think he will eventually move over to 2nd base at the college level or pro level, but for now he will remain at the shortstop position. I grade Greishaber at a current OFP of 48.