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Mock Draft 1.0


The 2013 MLB draft is fast approaching as high school and college players start to get on edge hoping to hear their name called this coming Thursday. Houston will get us started again as they did last year, but will they go with the cheaper pick again this year? Only time will tell as the hours dwindle away. Based on what teams have release and everyone’s discussion of the draft this is my view and opinion for this year’s 2013 MLB draft.

1. Houston Astros- Colin Moran, UNC, 6’4 175, 3B  (2nd option: Jonathan Gray)

I like the Astros to take Moran here. They will save money on the pick and sign more draft picks later in the draft. Moran has solid attributes in all 5 categories and will hit for days.

2. Chicago Cubs- Mark Appel, Stanford, 6’5 190, RHP (2nd option: Jonathan Gray)

The last time the Cubs selected a pitcher 2nd overall it worked out pretty good. I like the Cubs to take Appel here to help boost a minor league system starved for young pitching.

3. Colorado Rockies- Kris Bryant, San Diego, 6’5 205, 3B (2nd Option: Clint Frazier)

Bryant has an unreal amount of POP. The Rockies couldn’t be happier with Bryant who should only continue to hit bomb at the upper level. Could be a guy who hits 20 to 25 a year at the Hot Corner.

4. Minnesota Twins- Jonathan Gray, Oklahoma, 6’4 240, RHP (2nd Option: Kohl Stewart)

Gray made a name for himself this past spring as he touched 100 mph on the gun at times. He will help the Twins continue in their building of young pitchers process. I do like Gray as a 2 or 3 guy in the rotation, but could break in with the big league club as a closer.

5. Cleveland Indians- Kohl Stewart, St. Pius X H.S. (Tx), 6’3 185, RHP 

(2nd Option: Clint Frazier)

Highest ceiling in the draft for a high school pitcher. Consistently hits 92-94 mph on the gun with a well developed curveball sitting between 79 to 82 mph. There is some signability issues here with the possibility Stewart chooses college to be a two sport athlete at Texas A & M (Baseball and Football)

6. Miami Marlins- Austin Meadows, Grayson H.S. (GA), 6’3 200, OF 

(2nd Option: Braden Shipley)

I have said since February I think Meadows has one of the smoothest bats in this year’s draft and is a high ceiling type high school prospect. I think the Marlins who are commonly a team who likes to stay extremely young take Meadows here and let him build into a top OF arm.

7. Boston Red Sox- Clint Frazier, Loganville H.S. (GA), 6’0 190, OF 

(2nd Option: Braden Shipley)

The Bo Sox go with the 2nd best High School hitter in the draft with Frazier. Frazier the red headed cover boy on Baseball America’s draft preview magazine has the ability to prove everyone wrong about the unusual common theory given to Red heads. Frazier at times has been said hard to project as some scouts believe the power may not transgress to the next level, but I think the Red Sox take him here.

8. Kansas City Royals- Braden Shipley, Nevada, 6’3 190, RHP (2nd Option: Trey Ball)

Last year the Royals took a highly touted college pitcher in Kyle Zimmer. 2013 is no different, they take another high level west coast pitcher in Shipley. Cousin of Cincinnati Bengals Jordan Shipley, Braden will throw between 92 and 95 with little to no effort. His best pitch is his changeup that sits between 83 and 86 mph. Great Pick here if he gets to the Royals.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates- Reese McGuire, Kentwood H.S. (WA), 6’1 190, C

(2nd Option: Trey Ball)

The Pirates last year took Appel in this spot, I think taking McGuire he actually signs and completes Pittsburg’s 9th pick. McGuire is a young raw catcher who is very advanced behind the plate and if he can continue to hit well he could be a future allstar for the Pirates.

10. Toronto Blue Jays- Trey Ball, New Castle Chrysler H.S. (IN), 6’6 175, LHP

(2nd Option: J.P. Crawford)

Ball is the best High School South Paw coming out of this year’s draft. Ball did not learn to throw a curve ball until he was 17 years old. The curve is coming along quite nicely as Ball is very raw and has little arm mileage. The Blue Jays should be ecstatic to get a future Cole Hamels.

11. New York Mets- Ryne Stanek, Arkansas, 6’4 180, RHP  (2nd Option: D.J. Peterson)

Stanek at one point in mock draft makings was a top 5 pick. After more of a down 2013 spring season Stanek fell down draft boards. Despite all of the word on Stanek’s ability and pitching this spring the Mets will be happy to take him here to give themselves another possible front line starter to join Matt Harvey.

12. Seattle Mariners- D.J. Peterson, New Mexico, 6’1 190, 1B/3B  

(2nd Option: Dominic Smith)

The Mariners took Peterson in the 33rd round in 2010. Peterson turned down a 6 figure contract to go to school and improve his draft stock. I think he did just that and then some. The Mariners shouldn’t let this top corner product get away from them again.

13. San Diego Padres- Dominic Smith, Serra H.S. (CA), 6’0 195, 1B/OF

(2nd Option: Hunter Renfroe)

This pick is a tough pick to figure out. The Padres have been linked to many players throughout this spring. The covet Trey Ball, but with Ball off the table I think they go Smith and get some seriously needed pop in their lineup down the road. Renfroe would not be a bad selection either at this pick.

14. Pittsburgh Pirates- J.P. Crawford, Lakewood H.S. (CA), 6’2 175, SS

(2nd Option: Hunter Renfroe)

I like the Pirates taking the top H.S. shortstop here. They have not had a top SS talent at PNC park in quite some time. Although it is rare for a team to take two high school talents in the first round, I don’t think it would be so uncommon to see two high school kids go in the top 15 as the Pirates take Crawford.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks- Alex Gonzalez, Oral Roberts, 6’3 200, RHP

(2nd Option: Hunter Renfroe)

The Dbacks have been linked to Gonzalez quite a bit this spring. Gonzalez a top college arm who will throw all 3 of his pitches for strikes. The Dbacks continue to stock pile good young pitching with this pick.

16. Philadelphia Phillies- Ian Clarkin, James Madison H.S. (CA), 6’2 190, LHP

(2nd Option: Phil Bickford)

The Phillies are in a tough position as both Smith and Peterson are off the board the next guy would have to be Clarkin. Clarkin is extremely raw and can be a bit wild at times, but this lefties tools keeps him in the first round. Clarkin has a decent fastball with a Plus curveball.

17. Chicago White Sox- Tim Anderson, East Central C.C. (MS), 6’1 180, SS

(2nd Option: Chris Anderson)

Tim Anderson is one of the few shortstops that should remain a shortstop throughout his pro career. Anderson has elite speed and has quickly climbed up draft boards as he was a solid producer this season for East Central.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers- Chris Anderson, Jacksonville, 6’4 225, RHP

 (2nd Option: Sean Manea)

The Dodgers could go Manea here, but I think they stay away from the injury risk with Manea and take a power right hand arm in Anderson. Anderson is a work horse, well built pitcher who brings about similarities to Lance Lynn of the St. Louis Cardinals.

19. St. Louis Cardinals- Hunter Renfroe, Mississippi St., 6’1 190, OF

(2nd Option: Aaron Judge)

The Cardinals last year had 2 picks in the top 23 picks of the first round last season who have already seen great success in those picks as Michael Wacha reached the majors this past May. This year with 2 more first round picks in the 1st round the Cardinals will take another top college OF who could move the LF as his pro career progresses.

20. Detroit Tigers- Aaron Judge, Fresno State, 6’7 240, OF (2nd Option: Jonathon Crawford)

Judge is a man-child. Absolutely huge for a Centerfielder who should move to Right once he turns pro. Judge has raw power and the ability to light up the crowd with his batting practice bombs, but will the power translate to the pro level? I like this pick for the Tigers, but could see them going pitcher here too.

21. Tampa Bay Rays- Nick Ciuffo, Lexington H.S. (SC), 6’1 200, C

(2nd Option: Marco Gonzalez)

The Rays have been linked to high school catchers all spring and with Ciuffo the best backstop available out of High School at this point I don’t see how they pass on him. Cuiffo committed to South Carolina before he took a varsity at bat, but he should sign to play pro ball.

22. Baltimore Orioles- Hunter Harvey, Brandy’s H.S. (NC), 6’3 175, RHP

(2nd Option: Alex Balog)

Harvey is one of my favorite arms coming out of this year’s draft. He throws a heavy fastball with great arm action. He is the son of a former major leaguer Bryan Harvey who used to close out games for the New York Mets. Harvey draws similarities in my opinion to Jared Parker only with more size. Great Pick for the Orioles here

23. Texas Rangers- Austin Wilson, Stanford, 6’4 210, OF     (2nd Option: Eric Jagielo)

Wilson was a former draft pick out of high school by the St. Louis Cardinals, but will help feel a future need for the Texas Rangers. Wilson has great size and ability in the OF. He has way to much talent for the Rangers to pass on.

24. Oakland Athletics- Rob Kaminsky, St. Joseph H.S. (NJ) 6’0 190, LHP/OF

(2nd Option: Phil Ervin)

Kaminsky is probably one of the most interesting players in this year’s draft. He didn’t throw his first pitch of his high school season until the last week in April. On the bright side Kaminsky won’t have much mileage on the arm, but was still over powering lesser talented players in New Jersey this spring. Kaminsky brings a power fastball and curveball to the mound that are both legit plus pitches.

25. San Francisco Giants- Devin Williams, Hazelwood West H.S. (MO) 6’3 185, RHP

(2nd Option: Matt Krook)

The Giants have been heavy in attendance to watch Williams throw this spring. Williams is a solid right hander who brings a package of 4 solid pitches. He will sit 91 to 93 on the gun with a lethal changeup sitting around 83 with late fade. Williams could easily be by passed here for Krook in witch case he could go to the Rays at 29.

26. New York Yankees- Eric Jagielo, Notre Dame, 6’3 215, 3B/OF  

(2nd Option: Billy McKinney)

Jagielo finished 2nd last year for most homeruns in the Cape Cod using a wooden bat. Jagielo could easily stay at 3B, but a move to 1B wouldn’t hurt either as his bat will easily add enough power for the move across the diamond.

27. Cincinnati Reds- Jonathan Denney, Yukon H.S. (OK) 6’2 205, C

(2nd Option: Jonathon Crawford)

Denney will be the 3rd high school catcher taken off the board on Thursday and for good reason. The high school basckstop is very projectable with a great deal of pop behind the plate. Denney could also see a move to first base if catcher doesn’t work, but with his arm and power he should have no problem staying behind the plate.

28. St. Louis Cardinals- Marco Gonzalez, Gonzaga, 6’1 185, LHP 

(2nd Option: Billy McKinney)

A team already loaded in pitching only gets deeper with this pick. Gonzalez is one of the most polished pitchers in this years draft. Gonzalez for a long time was linked to the Cardinals at 19 only slipping to the 28th spot. Gonzalez a two way player in college will certainly be a quick to the majors type pitcher once he turns his entire focus to pitching.

29. Tampa Bay Rays- Oscar Mercado, Gaither H.S. (FL), 6’2 175, SS

(2nd Option: Travis Demeritte)

Mercado is a shortstop who in the long run could move to 2B or 3B, but has solid tools at the SS position. He has fluid glove work with a very strong arm. Mercado’s defensive skills could easily keep him at SS as a pro as his bat develops.

30. Texas Rangers- Billy McKinney, Plano West H.S. (TX), 6’2 190, OF

(2nd Option: Josh Hart)

McKinney has an unbelievably polished bat for a high school player. His approach is very advanced and will be another AL type Texas bat that will be a pro for a long time. McKinney has great hand-eye cordination. Texas will add to its load of hitting prospects.

31. Atlanta Braves- Josh Hart, Parkview H.S. (GA) 6’1 180, OF

(2nd Option: Matt Krook)

Atlanta has been known for a long time now to always protect their borders. Hart is a solid player out of Georgia and has been linked to the Braves for most of this spring. I would be shocked if he gets passed Atlanta at this spot.

32. New York Yankees- Phil Ervin, Samford, 5’11 190, OF  (2nd Option: Cody Reed)

Ervin is one of the smallest CF’s in this year’s draft, but that will only play into his plan. He is one of the best college bats in this years draft. Ervin has very few holes in his swing. He has above average raw power. The question remains on Ervin if he can stay in Center, as most scouts see him moving more to LF as his career progresses.

33. New York Yankees- Cody Reed, NW Mississippi CC, 6’5 220, LHP

(2nd Option: Hunter Dozier)

The Yankees will finish off their load of first round picks with a southpaw from Mississippi. Reed is a sneaky one who could go this high in the draft or easily fall to below 50. Reed was not drafted out of high school or last season, but his second season in community college he started throwing 95 mph. Reed’s stuff could put him in the first round if the Yankees feel he could be a future back end starter in the pinstripes.

Next Top 10 Available: Sean Manea, Alex Balog, Ryan Boldt, Matt Krook, Hunter Dozier, Kyle Serrano, Riley Unroe, Andrew Mitchell, Ryan Eades, and Chris Okey.